About me

“I am passionate about working with small interdisciplinary teams and business units on the implementation of projects and strategic goals, because of the motivation of the team members and the group dynamics.”

Andreas Lingl
MBA, managing director


I have been working in project business for over 20 years now and have worked in various countries such as the USA, Great Britain, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Algeria and Russia. I worked as managing director for a large to medium-sized machine and plant manufacturer for 7 years, and before that, I worked in technical sales. Always keeping in mind what can realistically be achieved I have managed a wide range of business units as well as various teams over the years.

For me, an especially stimulating aspect of International project business is the contact, the exchange and the constructive teamwork with people from different cultural backgrounds. I have lived abroad for 18 years and am therefore used to moving, communicating and mediating between cultures. Being bilingual in German and English and speaking Portuguese fluently is a valuable asset in my work. I also communicate in Spanish and French.

I would be glad to support you and your project team with the planning and the implementation of your project.


Andreas Lingl